Sunday, November 22, 2009

Carl Edwards competes with crazy fan

HOMESTEAD, Fla -- Carl Edwards will have to battle more than the forty-two other NASCAR drivers this Sunday. Morris Polanski, a retired general laborer, will be on hand to personally deny Edwards his victory. Polanski would like to settle a long-standing personal rivalry with the successful NASCAR racer.

"I hate that man,” says Polanski, “I aint never hated anything more in my life. Following him an entire season to be sure he doesn't get a win is more important to me than anything else in my life, ever."

Polanski, who is married and a father of three, has traveled to every Sprint Cup race since the 2005 season, when his hatred begin.

As his story goes, he was at a Busch race in Milwaukee cheering on the drivers with some friends. Each had put in money, picked a driver, and Polanski chose Edwards. Edwards crossed the finish line victorious and Polanski was ecstatic. He had just won $25 and he was ready to watch Edwards do his signature victory backflip off of his car. But there was no backflip that night. Edwards had to leave abruptly due to a personal emergency and Polanski was left backflipless.

"I couldn't believe he done that to me,” recalled Polanski. “He come up to my state and races on my track – and then gets me a victory and he don't have the decency to show me some respect and do his backflip? Hell no!"

Stunned and angered Polanski quit his job and used he and his wife's savings to buy a used RV. He vowed to follow Edwards to every Sprint Cup race to personally watch him fail. He also pulled his three boys from school to bring them along.

"Initially his plan was to do it for as long as Edwards’ career lasted,” says his wife, Carol Polanski. “The best I could do was get him to agree to stop following the races if Edwards didn't win at all in a single year. I don't mind Carl Edwards and I think he's kind of cute, but good Lord I hope he loses. I've been supporting this redneck obsession for four freakin years now! Not to mention our boys haven't read anything other than a NASCAR raceday program since 2005. Our oldest will be 15 and will have to go back to the 5th grade."

While many have been against Polanski's decision to continue this war against Carl Edwards, he refuses to let up.

"I'll continue to go to Sprint Cup races every year until there's an entire season where Carl Edwards goes winless,” says Polanski. “At that point I can claim victory over him. Here we are down in Homestead with one race to go. I'm going to get this and that'll show him. He'll remember me for sure!"

Edwards had mildly successful Sprint Cup season. He had seven top five and thirteen top ten finishes and no wins this season. He made the NASCAR playoffs and will most likely finish 11th. When asked about his four year nemesis, Morris Polanski, Edwards responded:, "who the fuck is Morris Polanski?"

Story by Dudley Dawson