Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Magnetic ribbon manufacturers
slow to exploit Haitian tragedy

In the immediate aftermath of January's Haitian earthquake the manufacturers of magnetic ribbons were caught sleeping. More than three weeks after the tragic event the Magnetic Ribbon Manufacturers Coalition of America has finally put forth an effort to show support and raise money for the devastated country.

“It’s not just about what you give, it’s also letting others know you were there to give,” says Wayne Cowell of the design team creating the new Haiti magnetic ribbon that will adorn automobiles.

The Haitian Support Ribbon will soon be in line with the ribbons already available for consumers to place on their cars. Many are already available to show drivers' support of causes such as U.S. forces engaged in combat, Autism Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness and even the Toilet paper colored Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Makes Frequent Stops ribbon.

“Sure, anyone can donate $10.00 to the International Red Cross or Red Crescent and nearly all of that goes to relief efforts," comments Cowell. "That's a good thing to do. But why bother, when instead you can buy a $5.00 magnet ribbon, with $3.00 going to the cause and the remainder going to the item you place on your car, allowing the world to see how much you really care.”

He followed with “In this age of apathy, we need more people to do more, not only care about one’s fellowman, but let everyone else know that you
care about one’s fellowman, and the magnetic car ribbon is the ideal way to exhibit your social conscious and active involvement.”

This new ribbon works on two very important levels: raising capital for the agencies providing relief and sending the message to others that the purchaser cares. This ribbon will adorn vehicles for years to come, providing iron-clad evidence the driver not only had concern, but participated in the relief effort. At post time designers have yet to choose a color for the magnet.

Story by Unlce Jenya