Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Couple regrets Godfather selection for their child

MUNSTER, IN - Kyle and Melissa Song were ecstatic when their baby boy, Graham, was born three years ago. Parenting has its challenges, but to them everything has been such a joy. Well, almost everything.

The Songs chose Gabe Wisnewski, an old friend of Kyle's, to be Graham's Godfather. But, they've had concerns over their choice ever since.

"It's not that we're less of friends, it's just that Melissa and I were trying to start a family and he started traveling for his new job," says Kyle. "We didn't realize his new job was 'coke mule.'"

The two have been friends since they were eight years old, but over the past few years they didn't see each other as much. Unbeknownst to his friends and family, Gabe took a job as a drug runner for the East Chicago division of Los Elefantes, a powerful drug cartel based out of southern Mexico.

Melissa found out when changing her son's diaper after he spent the weekend with his Godfather. She was shocked to find two condoms full of speed in his diaper.

"You know, once we found out his occupation I didn't make a big issue out of it," says Melissa. "But after the birthday gifts of automatic weapons and drugs for our son it got a little out of control. I mean seriously, I know he means well by giving Kyle and I a kilo of coke but we don't do that and we have nowhere to store that because it's illegal!"

Wisnewski has been a "go getter" in his new career and has moved up to what he calls management with the cartel. The couple has gone back and forth on the decision to replace Wisnewski after a box of grenades he sent them as a Christmas gift accidentally exploded, leveling their storage barn and seriously injuring their neighbor.

The thought of replacing him worries them for fear of repercussions. Los Elefantes is known for their over the top violent acts. For their son's last birthday Wisnewski felt a sweater given by Melissa's cousin, who wished to remain anonymous for this story, was disrespectful to his Godson. A few days later the cousin ended up in the hospital with two broken legs but refused to divulge how it had happened.

Another questionable act was after one of Graham's friends, Isaac, was over for a play date and Gabe was babysitting. Isaac pushed Graham and took his toy helicopter. Wisnewski took issue but was restrained at the time. However two weeks later little Isaac was discovered in his baby pool with concrete boots.

Added Kyle, "When we sat down to choose someone to be the Godfather of our son we were looking for someone who would show him how to play catch. Instead we landed on the Pablo Escobar of East Chicago."

Unfortunately Mr. Wisnewski was out of town on business and unavailable for comment at the time of this story.

Story by Dudley Dawson