Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aunt Flo is coming to visit... and she knows technology

With all the hype surrounding Apple's new iPad, consumers were confused as to whether this was a computer-like device or a feminine hygiene product. This led to yesterday's announcement that Apple will be releasing a new product later this week: The iPad Mini.

iPad Mini is a vaginal implant with a touch screen that allows for complete control of women's troubles. It's small, lightweight, super-absorbing, high-tech and apple-scented.

"Our job as a company is to make life easier," an Apple spokesperson said. "Why not make the monthly cycle easy too?"

The new product comes with several apps, including the iCycle app, which tells women when they should start menstruating; and the iPlan B, which administers immediate "morning after" birth control. After much controversy, Apple canceled its plans for an iBortion app.

Story by Jenny Porter