Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man's Tossed Salad Feels Like Heaven

West side resident Andrew Kemp had an awful Monday. He blew a tire on his way into work, his boss yelled at him, and a bird shit on his face as he left for home. He simply took a deep breath and decided he needed to give into his deepest temptations, a stress relieving tossed salad.

“I enjoy them. Why that is a big deal to anyone is beyond me,” said Kemp. “My favorite food just happens to share the name of a kinky sex act. That’s not my fault. But, I've learned not to order it in certain places; like a gentlemen's club, truck stop diners or Denny's."

Kemp has been frequenting a quaint little diner located in Speedway every night for the past 12 years. The diner’s name has changed throughout the years, but the home grown atmosphere and service has never been altered. Kemp is considered a regular here. He can enjoy his privacy and he can take pleasure in his tossed salad. For Kemp, a salad tossed with bacon bits, ranch dressing, sharp cheddar and croutons is his little slice of heaven.

“Knowing I have a somewhat healthy dinner waiting for me on my way home makes it a little easier for me to make it into the office the next day,” stated Kemp. “My day shift as a submissive at Big Gary’s S&M Shack doesn’t seem so daunting.”

Story by C. Bommarito, Dudley Dawson, Hate Nurst