Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Police discover pattern to murder-suicide cases

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Local police made what they are calling a "startling discovery." A team of four criminologists, funded by the federal government, have been attempting to find trends in murder-suicide cases for the past fifteen years. After their long, painstaking research they have been able to connect some dots when it comes to these tragic cases.

"We've found in most murder-suicide cases the person who is murdered dies before the person who commits suicide," says Criminologist Jim Joneswell. "This is huge. I only hope this breakthrough information will help prevent a portion of these crimes."

The team has studied over two hundred murder-suicide cases since 1995. In the beginning each member of this research team admits difficulty piecing together the puzzle toward a final conclusion. After much perseverance and over a decade and a half of work, the group is enjoying the fruits of their labor.

"This gives us a huge sense of accomplishment," says Criminologist David Karush. "A lot of hard work was done to get this major find. If what we discovered can help law enforcement get in the mind of someone who's committed a murder-suicide and prevent them from doing it again, then we've done an amazing thing."

Story by Dudley Dawson