Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST Finale; Horrible, Brilliant, Definitive, Ambiguous

True to its nature, the long-running drama's final episode left fans talking, asking more questions and leaving annoying status updates on Facebook. Here's what some Indianapoliser readers had to say:

"So, like, are they dead or what?" - Jeff, Broad Ripple

"I really hope I had something better to do for two and a half hours last night in my parallel life." - Jay, Meridian Hills

"It was OK, but I liked this week's 'Grey's Anatomy' better. I mean, 'LOST' relies way too much on plot and character. I prefer shows that rely solely on shock value and make me freak out and have panic attacks all night trying to figure out who's going to bite the dust. Last night involved way too much thinking." - Paula, Brownsburg

"I'm confused. Why weren't Nikki and Paulo in the church?" - Pierre, Fall Creek

"Wait, so... Sun can speak English? And... Locke can WALK?" - Mona, Lawrence

"I haven't been watching the show for the past six years, but everyone said the finale would be so great that I just had to watch, and I have to say, this is the WORST show EVER. This makes no sense, and I just couldn't follow it. Who are these people? What's up with this island and that weird light? I don't get how anyone could watch this shit." - Paul, Monrovia

"Is this supposed to be set just before Tom Hanks and that volleyball named Wilson show up?" - Rex, Edinburgh

"Thank God that's over. Matthew Fox is finally free to do a 'Party of Five' reunion show now!" - Taylor, Beech Grove

"This show was so unrealistic. I mean everyone knows islands in the South Pacific don't have that shade of sand." - Randy, Bargersville

"I was hoping it would all just be a bad acid trip the fat kid was having on the plane." - Lindsey, Fishers

"I must have missed it, when did Piggy get crushed by the boulder?" - William G, Shelbyville

"Screw a spin off! They totally left it open for a sequel, 'LOST II'!" - Ben, Bloomington

Reporting by Penny Quarter and C. Bommarito